Wisconsin Based Wedding & Elopement, & Family Photographer.

I'm a sentimental soul, and I have always had a deep love for genuine connection between humans. I believe that at the end of the day, these true moments—even the smallest ones make up our life experiences. That's why photography has been such a beautiful gift in my life, not only for my clients but the same joy that I get capturing others' life I get in being able to do my own. I truly believe it is one of the most magical things we can do, capturing honest memories for people to hold onto for years to come of the people and experiences in life that mean the most. 

When I am not shooting for work, you can still find me looking for inspiration in new places we travel, historical sites, coffee shops, and even walks through our neighborhood with my husband Dan. I wholeheartedly believe that I am so lucky to get to live this life, do my job, be surrounded by amazing people, and experience such wildly beautiful moments.

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As both life and business partners, Dan and I work together to create a calm experience for your day. Dan, is my second shooter at all weddings, and  is a remarkable asset to my business. With a foundation in hospitality and currently pursuing coaching certification, he is committed to enhancing our couples' journeys. His focus extends to authentic connections not only with our clients but also with those we encounter on your day . We're constantly learning from each other and dreaming, which makes what we do so much more fun. 

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Meet dan

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